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Discover Bulgaria

Although a small country, situated in the south-east part of Europe, Bulgaria is defined by its natural variety - mountains, plains, seas, rivers, lakes and even a small desert. The country is known as the Land of Roses, as The Rose Valley produces 70% of the world's rose oil. Here at Vanca's restaurant we also offer small bottles of rose oil.

Planning a trip to Bulgaria?

Bulgarian is one of the oldest Slavic languages. The Cyrillic alphabet, that was invented in Bulgaria in the middle of the 10th century, is still used by many slavic countries through out Europe and Asia. A fun fact: here nodding your head in the up-and-down direction means "no" and nodding from side to side means "yes".

Music and dances are very important for the Bulgarian culture. There are many different traditional folk dances as the Horo and Rutchenitsa, danced hand in hand in open circles.


Bulgarian Cuisine

Chef Vanca's elegant Bulgarian cuisine from South-East Europe, is a mix of Oriental Grill with Mediterranean nuances.

Perhaps the most famous of all is the Bulgarian Shopska Salad (tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onion and shredded Feta Cheese) and our Bulgarian house Yoghurt.


The Chef


Originally from Bulgaria, chef Ivan Tsekov has long years of experience working as the main Chef at the Bulgarian Embassy in Beijing/China, Tokyo/Japan and New Delhi/India.

In his career, Ivan has catered presidents, royalties, ambassadors and some celebrities.

Articles about Chef Ivan Tsekov have been published both in local and international press, furthermore Tsekov has been featured on different TV channels, aired in countries such as Bulgaria, China and Japan.


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+86 21 6333-3958. We do not take reservations via email.

Wine List


Besides the vast selection of salads and main courses, at Vanca’s you will find a great selection of award-winning Bulgarian wines. The restaurant is honoured to serve fine wines from the Bulgarian Chateau Burgozone winery.

Gold Medal from
U.S.A. Beverage Testing
Institute 2014 - 93 points (Exceptional)

Silver medal FROM
China Wine Awards 2011

Gold Medal at MUNDUS VINI
awarded as the BEST

Silver Medal at MUNDUS VINI

Our Location

Vanca’s great location is in the heart of Shanghai, which makes it easy to reach from anywhere in the city.


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No. 427 Dagu Road, Jiangan District, Shanghai 200041, China.
地址:上海市,静安区 200041,大沽路427 号

CALL +86 21 6333-3958

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Our Location

Vanca’s great location is in the heart of Shanghai, which makes it easy to reach from anywhere in the city.